Ballantine Whiskey Prices in India – A Perfect Choice For Valentine’s Day

Ballantine’s whisky is a prominent brand of Scotch whisky that has been produced for around two centuries. This was founded by George Ballantine in 1827 in Edinburgh, Scotland. It has enormously gained popularity & grown into one of the most respected whisky brands worldwide. This is initially known for the blended Scotch whiskies, which are a combination of malt whisky (made from malted barley) & grain whisky (made from other grains like corn or wheat). The blending process allows for consistency in flavor & quality across batches.

This is characterized by its smooth & well-balanced flavor profile. The whisky is often described as approachable & versatile, which goes well with sipping neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails. It is categorized into different textures, tastes, & refinements according to the year of preservation, like 12, 17, 21, & a maximum of 30 years.

Which Whisky Is Best For Valentine’s Day?

The best whisky for Valentine’s Day depends on personal preferences & the preferences of your partner. However, here are a few options that are often well-suited and you can try for the occasion:

  • Glenfiddich 21 Year Old Reserva Rum: This whisky offers a splendid and rich flavor profile with a blend of vanilla, & spice. The rum cask finish adds a layer of sweetness that can be quite erotic, mesmerizing & enough to make you tipsy.
  • Dalmore 18 Year Old: The remarkable intensity & smoothness, Dalmore 18 Year Old combines flavors of dark chocolate, orange, & spices, making it an excellent choice for a special evening like Valentine’s Day or any remarkable date.
  • Glenmorangie Signet: This whisky is often considered one of the first-class textures. It offers a unique flavor with sort of roasted coffee beans, dark chocolate, & nuttiness, which might be perfect for all couples.
  • Balvenie DoubleWood 17 Year Old: Aged in both traditional oak & sherry casks, Balvenie DoubleWood 17 Year Old presents a mixture of sweet & spicy flavors, with notes of honey, dried fruit, & oak. It’s a sophisticated choice that you will surely like for celebrating this special day.
  • Hibiki Japanese Harmony : If you’re looking for something exquisite & refined, Hibiki Japanese Harmony is a pristine choice. This blended whisky offers a harmonious blend of flavors, including floral notes, honey, & subtle spice, encapsulating the spirit of love & togetherness.
  • Ballantine’s 17-Year-Old: This premium expression from Ballantine’s offers sophistication & hard flavor, which makes it an amazing choice for a romantic evening. With its well-balanced character featuring notes of caramel, toffee, & a hint of smokiness, this is sure to impress whisky lovers & beginners also. Its smoothness & complexity make it an excellent companion for sharing special moments with your loved one on the lunch or dinner of Valentine’s Day.

Ultimately, the best whisky for Valentine’s Day is one that you & your partner will enjoy together, whether it’s a rich & complex single malt or a smooth & approachable blend.

Types of Ballantine Whiskies For Valentine’s Day

Ballantine’s offers a range of whiskies, each crafted with precision & expertise to cater to various tastes & preferences. Here are some notable types of Ballantine’s Valentine whiskies:

  • Ballantine’s Finest: As the flagship expression, Ballantine’s Finest is a well-balanced blended Scotch whisky renowned for its smoothness & versatility. It incorporates a blend of carefully selected malt & grain whiskies, resulting in a harmonious flavor profile with blend of honey, vanilla, & gentle spices. This accessible & approachable whisky is ideal for both sipping neat & mixing in cocktails that will be savored by you and your partner.
  • Ballantine’s 12 Year Old: A step up in complexity & refinement, Ballantine’s 12 Year Old is aged for a minimum of 12 years to develop deeper flavors & character. This expression offers a richer palate with nuances of oak, toffee, & dried fruits, complemented by a subtle hint of smoke. It encourages couples and enhances their lovable and never-forgetting moments on this Valentine’s occasion.
  • Ballantine’s 17 Year Old: Crafted for discerning enthusiasts, Ballantine’s 17 Year Old represents the pinnacle of the brand’s artistry & expertise. With a minimum age statement of 17 years, this whisky exudes elegance & complexity, showcasing layers of caramel, dark chocolate, & spice. The extended aging process adds depth & maturity, resulting in a whisky of exceptional quality & depth.
  • Ballantine’s Limited Editions: Ballantine’s has released limited edition expressions that showcase innovative cask finishes, unique blends, or collaborations with renowned artists & designers. These limited editions offer whisky aficionados the opportunity to explore new flavors & experiences on your memorable Valentine’s date.
  • Ballantine’s Blended Malts: Apart from the traditional blended whiskies, this brand also presents a variety of blended malt whiskies, which are extracted exclusively from malt whiskies sourced from other distilleries. These expressions highlight the character of various malt whiskies, offering a more layered drinking experience.

Each type of Ballantine’s whisky is finely created to upscale the brand’s legacy of reliable quality & excellence, catering to a diverse range of extraordinary events including Valentine’s day or a date. 

Ballantine Whiskey Price In India & Various Urban Cities & States

Here’s the pricing of Ballantine whisky (750ml bottle) in various states & cities in India:

Location Price (INR)
Assam ₹1670
Bangalore ₹2001
Noida ₹1710
Punjab ₹1610
Rajasthan ₹2010
Chandigarh ₹1800
Delhi ₹1500
Chennai ₹1800
Goa ₹1502
Gurgaon ₹1650
Kolkata ₹2110
Dehradun ₹2650
Kanpur ₹1640

Prices of Various Types of Ballantine Whiskies In India

Here are some of the exceptional Ballantine Whisky types and their price range in India:

  • Ballantine Bourbon Finish 17 Years – 7720 to 7730 Rs
  • Ballantine Bourbon Finish 7 Years – 1870 to 1880 Rs
  • Ballantine Finest Blended Whiskey – 2240 to 2300 Rs
  • Ballantine Scotch Whiskey (1 litre) – 3100 – 3150 Rs
  • Ballantine 12 Years Blended Whiskey – 3200 – 3300 Rs
  • Ballantine 30 Year old Blended Whiskey – 36380 to 36400 Rs

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